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Happy Winter!

Deephaven & Groveland Good News Clubs

Run 6 weeks Mondays & Thursdays, continuing January 30 & Feb 2nd!


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Mondays after school at Deephaven for our 4th year!

Deephaven GNC Registration Form

Thursdays at Groveland for our 2nd year!

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Save the Dates:

Deephaven Mondays (when school’s in session) 

  • 6 weeks fall, Oct 24-Nov 28
  • 6 weeks spring, Jan 30-March 13

Groveland Thursdays (when school’s in session)

  • 6 weeks fall, Oct 27-Dec 8
  • 6 weeks spring, Feb 2-March 9

“It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn about Jesus, grow in their faith and make meaningful connections and friendships. It’s super convenient!” –Colleen Crandall, mom of 2nd & 5th graders

Club Pizza Parties at GraceInDeephaven.org:

Mondays Dec. 12, March 20 and/or Thursday March 23

Grace Side
Wednesday Community Dinners 5:30



Kids Quest

Youth Group (until 8pm, includes Confirmation)

Small Groups for all

This season we’re exploring Jesus’ message, methods and model.  What made Him so captivating that 12 men dropped their careers to follow Him?  Who are you following and modeling your life after?  Discuss Jesus’ life in a  relaxed atmosphere. Invest  an hour of your life to learn how to Walk as Jesus Walked with us.

Sunday 9:30 Worship ServiceChapel

Worshiping, Welcoming and in the Word