Kim and I had the opportunity to visit China during the month of July. It was a very worth while trip. Although Kim has been in China on several previous occassions, it was my first time. We visited some friends, taught at an English Camp and spent time with our daughter Nancy who teaches English as a second language.

At times during this trip Kim and I felt as if we were on the Amazing Race. We would jump into a taxi and try to explain where we wanted to go even though the language barrier was great. But we did managed to arrive at the places we wanted. I enjoyed teaching English to older teens. The team that we were with was an international team with people from New Zealand, England, Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA. In the mornings Kim and I would get up and do our morning walk, watching the town of Wuming come to life, all the while spending time talking with the Father.

A highlight of course was seeing our daughter Nancy, content and enjoying her work, teaching English as a second language. I enjoyed watching her relate to Chinese children. We had an opportunity to meet several of her co-workers, both Chinese and expatriot. We hope that we were a source of encouragement to all we came in contact with.