Lent Theme

We got off to a good start on our Lent theme of drawing prayer circles at the Ash Wednesday Communion Service several weeks ago. Our Lent theme is based on the book “Draw The Circle, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge” by Mark Batterson. Many in our congregation are taking the challenge. Wednesday evenings we are looking at several concepts from the 40 day challenge. Then we form prayer circles and circle our congregation, people and community in prayer.

Prayer is not always easy. I pray to God for the energy to continue to pray through. God is calling us to ask, seek and knock in prayer for Grace and for the community around us. In obedience to Jeremiah 29:12-13, at 12:01 [noon] every day we are encouraging members to stop, drop and pray for our congregation and any needs they may have.

We are stepping out in faith believing that God is leading us to draw circles. If God is in this, and we believe he is, we can anticipate the touch of his Holy Spirit!