A Paradox

I am at the end of the day here at Grace. I have found myself walking around humming Lent Hymns these days. “Wide Open Are Thy Hands” is one that has been on the top of my list. I need to soak in that message this evening. My mind crosses over to another hymn with the same tune but different lyrics: “Make me a captive Lord, and then I shall be free!” I first began to appreciate this hymn when I was out at the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle, Washington in the early seventies. Pastor Conrad Lund gave a whole sermon on it, going through it line-by-line.

“Make me a captive Lord, and then I shall be free!” It is only in being a captive to the Lord that we can find freedom. Yes it is paradoxical, but it is true. “For freedom Christ has set me free,” the Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians chapter five. As I surrender to Him I find freedom. I need to be conquered by the Lord in order to be free. Without that, I am just a slave to myself and sin.