Morning Talk


When I was in high school an evangelist from the Lutheran Evangelistic Movement came to our church. I remember him saying that he thanks God every morning for two great blessing we have from Him: 1] the forgiveness of sins, and 2]  the Holy Spirit.  Taking heed to what he said, I have at times diligently thanked God for both these blessings as I began my day. 

Recently I read a newsletter article by Peter Churness in which he states “7 things I tell myself every day.”  I mentioned them at a Lent Bible Study and the participants made several affirmative comments about them.  I have taken that list and used it several times these past months.

Even more recently I have sought to appropriate the fullness of the Holy Spirit by telling myself in the morning before I go off to work, “Now Dan, be filled with the Holy Spirit.” And then I take a deep breath of air and imagine the Holy Spirit filling me up. 

These are good exercises to begin our day. They remind us of spiritual truth that we are to live. If I do not intentionally do this, I too easily forget about these things. This type of self talk is much more refreshing than other self talk that goes on during the day.